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Young, Grace

Born: 1868 AD
Died: 1944 AD
Nationality: English
Categories: Mathematicians

1868 – She was born on the 15th day of March this year in Haslemere (near London), England. She was educated at Girton College, England and continued her studies at Göttingen University in Germany.


1874 – Grace was only six years old when her father retired at the age of 65 and at this time the family moved to Haslemere in Surrey; there a governess at home educated her.


1885 – Then at the age of 17, she passed the Cambridge Senior Examination.


1889 – Grace becomes involved in social work among poor people in London. She was stopped by her family from studying medicine, the topic of her choice, then decided to enter Girton College, Cambridge in this year to study mathematics.


1895 – She graduated at Göttingen University, where she became the first woman to receive a doctorate in any field in that county.


1896 – On the 11th day of June this year, she married William Young whom she had met again on her return to England. In fact she turned down his first proposal of marriage and only when he proposed for a second time did she accept.


1905 – Their joint work A First Book of Geometry, which was on paper folding for children, was published in this year.


1906 – Two further children’s books authored by Grace, written to introduce children to science, were Bimbo in this year, and Bimbo and the Frogs in 1907.


1908 – After leaving Göttingen in this year, they settled in Geneva, Switzerland, where they continued a true mathematical partnership in which both contributed.


1914 – Her early writings were published under the name of her husband, William Henry Young, and they collaborated on mathematical work throughout their lives, for her work on calculus.


1915 – She wrote an essay on ‘infinite derivatives’, which won the Gamble Prize from Girton College in this year. In the same year, although remaining in Switzerland, the Young family has moved from to live near Lausanne. World War I was, however, tragic for them since Frank (son), who was a pilot, was killed in action. The family was devastated by this tragedy and her health began slowly to decline.


1940 – When World War II began to affect their lives in Switzerland, she brought two of her grandchildren (children of her daughter Janet) to England early in this year. Although she had intended to return at once, it became impossible on the fall of France and she had to remain in England.


1942 – Her husband William Young died this year. Grace Young outlived her husband by two years.


1944 – He died on the 29th day of March this year at the home of her daughter Janet in Park Road, Croydon.