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Yeager, Jeana

Born: 1952 AD
Currently alive, at 68 years of age.
Nationality: N/A
Categories: Aviators

1952 – Born on the 18th of May in Fort Worth, Texas.          – Her early hobbies included horseback riding and running track and also developed an interest in helicopters.          – In high school, Yeager studied drafting. 1971 – When she was 19, she married a police officer. 1976 – The police officer died after five years of marriage. 1977 – She settled in Santa Rosa, California. She worked as a draftsman and surveyor for an energy company specializing in geothermal energy. 1978 – At age 26, she earned her pilot’s license. She met Bob Traux and was involved in the world of experimental aerospace design.Traux hired Yeager to work at his company, Project Private Enterprise, as a draftswoman. 1980 – Yeager met fellow pilot Dick Rutan and aircraft designer Burt Rutan in an air show in Chino, California. In the early 1980’s, Dick and Yeager fell in love and Yeager moved to the desert to work as a pilot for Burt  Rutan’s company, Flying Rutan aircraft. She was able to set new speed records for a woman pilot. 1981 – Yeager and the Rutans began their project: a nonstop airplane flight around the world without refueling. The Voyager project was then funded by fund raising programs. She drafted the plane’s engineering drawings; ran the business operation that kept the project afloat financialy subsisting on donations from private individuals.          – Yeager trained in ocean navigations and communications and Air Force water-survival training course. 1986 – On the 14th of December, Voyager took off from Edwards Air Force base in California. She acted as the co-pilot and the main navigator while Dick Rutan slept. On the 23rd of December, Voyager landed at Edwards Air Force base.          – Following their flight, Yeager and Rutan traveled around the world at a leisurely pace.          – Yeager and Rutan’s relationship disintegrated prior to the world Flight.