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Wyspianiski, Stanislaw

Born: 1869 AD
Died: 1907 AD
Nationality: Polish
Categories: Dramatist

1869 – Born on January 15; birth of father of modern Polish drama


19th-20th centuries

– emerged as the greatest polish dramatist -was also a theatrical innovator, poet, and painter.


1898 – came up with Meleager, about medieval Cracow, the old Polish capital,


1830 – came up with a drama about the November Insurrection


1889 – also did Warszawianka (The Varsovienne), about Polish national problems


1900 – came up with Boleslaw Chobry (Boleslaus the Bold, )


1901 -like Wesele (The Wedding), it is his best-known work


1907 – like Sedziowie (The Judges) 1901 – major contribution was his preparation of all extant parts of Adam MICKIEWIC’S monumental Forefathers’ Eve for a unified production. 1907 – Died on November 28