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Wycliffe, John

Born: 1328 AD
Died: 1384 AD

1328 – Birth of the precursor of the Protestant Reformation



– views became more radical and he officially rejected the biblical basis of papal authority in his statement called De potestate papae

– insisted on the scripture’s primacy of truth and advocated for theological reform


1377 – forced to appear before the Catholic bishops to explain his doctrine

– Pope Gregory XI issued five papal bulls against Wycliffe in May


1380 – said to have attacked the Transubstantiation but he denied and confessed that he only had different views on Eucharist

– completed the English translation of the New Testament in the Bible


1382 – his writings were condemned and his followers in Oxford were forced to recant

– completed the English translation of the Old Testament in the Bible


1384 – died of stroke