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Born: 1856 AD
Died: 1932 AD
Nationality: N/A
Categories: Mystics

1856 – Born in the Smith Valley area southeast of Carson City, Nevada.

1870 – He was taken in by David Wilson, who was a rancher in the Yerington, Nevada area.

         – Wovoka gained a reputation as a powerful shaman early in adulthood as he was adept at magic tricks.

         – One trick he often performed was being shot with a shotgun, which may have been similar to the bullet catch trick.

1889 – Wovoka claimed to have had a prophetic vision during the solar eclipse on the 1st of January.

         – Founded Ghost Dance movement.

1932 – Died in Yerington on the 20th of September and is interred in the Paiute Cemetery in the town of Schurz, Nevada.