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Woodhouse, Robert

Born: 1773 AD
Died: 1827 AD
Nationality: English
Categories: Astronomers, Mathematicians

1773 – Born in April 28th. Robert Woodhouse was the eighth occupant of the Lucasian Professorship of Mathematics at Cambridge University.

1795 – He was senior wrangler at Caius College, Cambridge when he was awarded his B.A.

         – Was the winner of the Smith’s Prize.

1798 – His M.A. was awarded and he was elected a fellow.

1802 – He was elected to the Royal Society.

1803-1808 – He was a moderator for the Senate House mathematics examinations for the years.

         – Woodhouse’s publication of  Principles of Analytical Calculation was the first publication in England to use the differential notation that had become common on the European continent.

1809 – Published his book, Elements of Trigonometry.

1810 – Woodhouse’s publication of The Calculus of Variations.

1813 – His major work was in the writing of texts on pure mathematics that helped to inspire the Analytic Society by influencing students like Charles Babbage and George Peacock.

1820 – At Cambridge, he was elected to the Lucasian professorship, but held the chair for only two years.

1822 – He took the Plumian Chair of Astronomy and Experimental Philosophy at Cambridge.

         – Woodhouse was the first superintendent of the Cambridge astronomical library.

1827 – Died on December 23rd.