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Wood, Robert E.

Born: 1879 AD
Died: 1969 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Businessmen


1879 – He was born this year in Kansas City, Missouri.


1900 – He attended West Point military academy, and graduated this year. As an officer in the United States Army, he was stationed in the Philippines and then, for ten years, in the Panama Canal Zone.


1915 – He retired to civilian life this year.


1917 – He returned to the army, serving as a colonel in the 42nd (Rainbow) Division when the United States entered the First World War.


1919 – He left the Army for the second time. He became an executive at Montgomery Ward, eventually becoming a vice-president of the company.


1924 – He left Montgomery Ward to take a position of vice-president of Sears, Roebuck.


1928 – He became one of the most important leaders in that company’s history, serving as vice-president from this year until 1939.


1939 – He became the Chairman until 1954.He also created All State Insurance as a subsidiary of Sears.


1940 – He helped found the America First Committee to agitate against U.S. involvement in the Second World War; he served as the committee’s first president on an interim basis.


1954 – He funded the creation of the Manion Forum, a conservative radio program hosted by Clarence Manion.


1968 – He once again served as a honorary chairman for Sears.


1969 – He died this year leaving a good portion of his stocks to family members.