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Wolff, Christian

Born: 1679 AD
Died: 1754 AD
Nationality: German
Categories: Mathematicians, Philosophers

1679 – Born on January 24th in Breslau, Silesia, Germany. Christian Wolff, philosopher, mathematician, and scientist who worked in many subjects but who is best known as the German spokesman of the Enlightenment, the 18th-century philosophical movement characterized by Rationalism.

1703-1706 – Qualified as Privatdozent in the university of Leipzig, where he lectured, when he was called as professor of mathematics and natural philosophy to Halle.

1740 – Was a professor in the Univesity of Halle.

1743 – He became chancellor of the university

1745 – He received the title of Freiherr from the elector of Bavaria.

1753 – Wolff’s most important works are as follows: Anfangsgründe aller mathematischen Wissenschaften; Vernünftige Gedanken van den Kraften des menschlichen Verstandes; Vern. Ged. van Gott, der Welt und der Seele des Menschen; Vern. Ged. van der Menschen Thun und Lassen; Vern. Ged. van dem gesellschaftlichen Leben der Menschen; Vern. Ged. van den Wirkungen der Natur; Vern. Ged. van den Absichten der natürlichen Dinge; Vern. Ged. van dem Gebrauche der Theile in Menschen, Thieren und Pflanzen; the last seven may briefly be described as treatises on logic, metaphysics, moral philosophy, political philosophy, theoretical physics, teleology, physiology: Philosophia rationalis, sive logica; Philosophia prima, sive Ontologia; Cosmologia generalis; Psychologia empirica; Psychologia rationalis; Theologia naturalist; Philosophia practica universalis; Jus naturae and Jus Gentium; Philosophia moralis.

1754 – Died on April 9th in Halle, Germany.