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Winthrop, John

Born: 1587 AD
Died: 1649 AD
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1587 – He was born this year in Edward stone, England.


1629 – He led a group of Puritans to the New World and joined the Massachusetts Bay Colony this year.


1630 – He was elected governor of his colony on April 8 of this year.


1634 – This year, he was criticized for his obstinacy regarding the formation of a general assembly.


1629 – He signed The Cambridge Agreement with his wealthier Puritan friends, essentially pledging that they would embark on the next voyage and found a new Puritan colony in New England.


1631 – He was voted out of governorship. However, he was re-elected twelve times from this year until 1648.


1638 – He presided over the heresy trial and banishing of Anne Hutchinson from the colony. During this trial, he referred to Hutchinson as an "American Jezebel.”


1649 – He died this year.















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