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Winslow, Edward

Born: 1595 AD
Died: 1655 AD

1595 – Edward Winslow, born on the 18th of October in Droitwich, Worcestershire, England. He was an American Pilgrim leader on the Mayflower.

1917 – Moved to Holland, where he united with John Robinson’s church at Leiden.

1620 – He was one of the Mayflower pilgrims who emigrated to New England.

1624 – 1647 – He served as a member of the governor’s council.

1643 – He was one of the commissioners of the United Colonies of New England and on several occasions was sent to England to represent the interests of the Massachusetts Bay and Plymouth colonies.

1644 – 1645 – He was governor of the colony.

1646 – In October, he left on his last mission as the agent of Massachusetts Bay and spent nine years in England, where he held minor offices under Oliver Cromwell.

1649 – His Glorious Progress of the Gospel Amongst the Indians in New England led to the founding of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in New England.

1655 – Was chief of the three commissioners that Cromwell sent on his expedition against the West Indies, but he died onboard ship near Jamaica.

       – Died in Caribbean Ocean, near Jamaica on the 8th of May, and was buried at sea.