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Wilson, Robert Anton

Born: 1932 AD
Died: 2007 AD

1932 – He was born on the 18th of January this year in Methodist Hospital, in Brooklyn, York. He attended an unspecified Catholic Grammar School. He attended Brooklyn Tech for High School to remove himself from the Catholic influence.


1979 – He received a Ph.D. in psychology from Paidea University in California.


1958 – He married the freelance writer Arlen Riley in this year. Both of them founded the Institute for the Study of the Human Future.


1972 – He wrote hi first book “Playboy’s Book of Forbidden Words”.


1975 – He wrote 35 books, his best-known work, and the cult classic. The Illuminatus! Trilogy, co-authored with Robert Shea and advertised as "a fairy tale for paranoids," humorously examined American paranoia about conspiracies.


1977 – This year he wrote the book “The Final Secret of the Illuminati”.


1982 – He had a long-standing relationship with the Association for Consciousness Exploration, beginning in this year.


1984 – He was the keynote speaker for their center’s open house in 1984, and appeared at many Star wood Festivals.


1999 – His wife died this year. He also participated in the weeklong 1999 Annual Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam.


2002 – He was photographed receiving medical marijuana at a demonstration in Santa Clara to curb his chronic pain from post-polio syndrome.


2005 – His latest book was “Email to the Universe”.


2007 – He died this year.