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Williams, William Appleman

Born: 1921 AD
Died: 1990 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Historian

1921 – Born and raised in the small town of Atlantic, Iowa.

1945 – He graduated and was commissioned.

1946 – He retired from the Navy and moved to University of Wisconsin-Madison to begin graduate studies.

1957 – He returned to Madison to teach in the History Department.

1962 – He went out of his way in an expanded second edition of "THE TRAGEDY OF AMERICAN" DIPLOMACY to strongly criticize the behavior of the Soviet Union, but he also had the Kennedy Administration’s Bay of Pigs invasion into Cuba as a parallel behavior.

1968 – He moved to the Oregon State University to spend the rest of his career teaching undergraduates.

1980 – He served as President of the Organization of American Historians.

1989 – He later edited a book of readings together with Gardner, LeFeber and THomas McCormack called America in Vietnam: A Documentary History.

1990 – Died in Oregon.