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William I

Born: 1027 AD
Died: 1087 AD
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1027 – Born in Falaise, France. William I, King of England, commonly called William the Conqueror, was the illegitimate son of Robert, surnamed Le Diable, Duke of Normandy. He introduced the jury system.

1035 – Succeeded to the Dukedom on the death of his father. He became the Duke of Normandy.

         – He had been entrusted to the care of Henry I of France, but it was owing rather to the quarrels and jealousies of his own subjects than to the protection of Henry, that he was able to preserve his dominion intact until he arrived at manhood.

1047 – He gained a victory at Val de Dunes, over a powerful competitor, Guido, of Macon.

1050 – He was married to Matilda of Flanders and they had 10 children.

1054 – He defeated another rival, Guillamme, Count of Arques, being aided in both conquests by the French.

1066 – He invaded and conquered England. William was crowned King of England, December 25th. The first ruler of the House of Normandy.

1072 – The Saxons were so far reduced to submission, that William found time to lead an army across the border into Scotland, in order to punish the King of that country, Malcom Canmore, for having received and protected Edgar Atheling.

1085 – An attempt was made to overturn the power of the English King, by Canute, King of Denmark. A great naval armament was got together for the purpose of invasion, but the enterprise was abandoned, the abandonment being caused partly by ill luck, and partly, it is supposed, by a skillful application of William’s treasure.

1087 – William was of a corpulent habit of body, at which fact it seems that his brother monarch, Philip I of France, had pointed some sarcasm. William in a fit of wrath, raised an army, and invaded France. He took the City of Mantes, and set it on fire; but while in full enjoyment of the blaze, his horse, stumbling on some hot embers, threw him, and the injuries he received proved fatal.

         – Died from a fall on September 9th in Rouen, France.

3 (59.64%) 55 votes