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William F. Buckley Jr.

Born: 1925 AD
Died: 2008 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Authors, Editors, TV Host

1925 – Buckley was born in Mexico City on the 24th of November.


1943 – Buckley attended the National Autonomous University of Mexico (or UNAM) and was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the US Army the following year




1946-? – CIA employee 



1950 – Buckley graduated from Yale



1950Married Patricia Austin Taylor, they have 1 son. 



1951 – Buckley was recruited into the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), yet served for less than a year.





1955 – He founded magazine "The National Review".


          – He was the 1st editor-in-chief of "The National Review".



1957 – Buckley published a review of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged by Whittaker Chambers, ostensibly "reading her out of the conservative movement




1959 – He worte "Up From Liberalism"





1960 – Buckley helped form Young Americans for Freedom. 





1964 – Buckley very strongly supported the candidacy of Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater, first for the Republican nomination against New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller and then for the Presidency.



1965 – He ran for mayor of New York City as the candidate for the young Conservative Party, because of his dissatisfaction with the very liberal Republican candidate John V. Lindsay, who later became a Democrat.




1966-1990s – host of television show "Firing Line".




1973 – Buckley served as a delegate to the United Nations.



1981 – Buckley informed President-elect (and personal friend) Ronald Reagan that he would decline any official position offered to him in Reagan’s administration



1997 – He wrote "Nearer, My God: An Autobiography of Faith".



1990-2004 – Buckley retired as active editor from National Review, and relinquished his controlling shares of National Review in June to a pre-selected board of trustees.