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William Bruce Rose Jr.

Born: 1962 AD
Currently alive, at 59 years of age.
Nationality: American
Categories: Music bands, Singer, Songwriter

1962 – He was born William Bruce Rose, Jr. on the 16th day of February this year in Lafayette, Indiana, USA. He was best known as the vocalist of Guns N’ Roses.


1967 – He was brought up in a deeply religious Pentecostal family, singing in church, which he started doing at the age of 5, and teaching Sunday school. He has two younger siblings, a sister named Amy and a step-brother named Stuart. He left the family when Axl was two years old; bringing the start of a troubled childhood for Axl who, as an adult, has claimed that repressed memories had revealed to him that his biological father, William Rose, had sexually abused him as a small child.


1987 – He and the rest of the band soon gained notoriety for a wild lifestyle fueled by heavy use of alcohol and drugs. In this year, the band went on a tour with fellow hard rock band Aerosmith, which had just exited rehab for their own drug and alcohol problems.


1990 – Throughout the mid eighties and into the early nineties, Rose was involved in a turbulent relationship with Erin Everly, the daughter of singer Don Everly, and the person for whom "Sweet Child O’ Mine" was written. He eventually married Everly in this year, but the next month, filed for a divorce.


1991 – Rose had become involved with model Stephanie Seymour. Rose became deeply attached to Seymour’s son, Dylan, and tried to be a good father figure for the child, as there had been none in his own life. Seymour and Rose parted ways in 1993, and Rose fell into a deep depression.


1992 – He claimed in a Rolling Stone interview in this year that during his childhood, he was made to believe that women and sexuality were evil and that due to the violent treatment of his mother by his stepfather he witnessed as an impressionable child, he had been led to think that domestic violence was the normal way of doing things.


1994 – He fired guitarist Gilby Clarke and hired old friend and fellow Hoosie Paul Tobias. Together with the rest of the band (at this point: Slash, McKagan, Sorum and keyboardist Dizzy Reed), Rose and Tobias recorded a cover of the Rolling Stones song "Sympathy for the Devil" for the Interview with the Vampire movie soundtrack.


2001 – A new incarnation of GN’R appeared at Las Vegas and Rio de Janeiro, where Rose and his new band played in front of 250,000 fans at Rock In Rio III.


2002 – In August this year, Guns N’ Roses performed six shows (Hong Kong, Tokyo, Osaka, London, Leeds and the Pukkelpop festival in Belgium). Rose also made a surprise appearance at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards, officially unveiling the new line-up of Guns N’ Roses.


2006 – In the 31st day of August of this year, Axl presented The Killers at the MTV Video Music Awards by coming out onto the stage and screaming his trademark, "Do you know where the fuck you are?!" In an interview backstage, Axl revealed that the official Chinese Democracy tour will begin "around October 24th," and that the album will be out this year


2007 – On the 5th of April this year, an Australian tour was announced, with Guns N’ Roses to play in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane, which is to be followed by a single date in New Zealand, Support acts will be Sebastian Bach and Rose Tattoo.