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Wiener, Norbert

Born: 1894 AD
Died: 1964 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Mathematicians

1894 – Born on November 26th in Columbia, Missouri. Founder of Cybernetics.

1902 – He was awarded a Ph.D. by Harvard at the age of 18.

         – He studied Philosophy, Logic, and Mathematics in Cambridge (England) and Göttingen under Bertrand Russell and David Hilbert.

1919 – His first post of importance was that of Instructor of Mathematics at MIT.

1926 – He married Marguerite Engelmann.

1929-1931 – He was a assistant professor and later became a professor.

1933  – He was elected to the National Academy of Sciences (USA), from which he resigned 8 years later.

1935-1936 – He spent the academic year in China as a visiting professor at Tsing Hua University in Peking, which gave him the opportunity to learn the Mandarin form of Chinese.

1940 – Started to collaborate in a research project at MIT on anti-aircraft devices, which played an important part in his reflections upon what was to become the science of Cybernetics.

1945 – He worked with Arturo Rosenblueth in Mexico City, at the Instituto Nacional de Cardiologia.

1946 – On the occasion of a conference in France at the Université de Nancy, he gave lectures on harmonic analysis.

1951 – He participated in a congress in Paris on calculating machines and human thought, and gave two short lectures at the Collège de France and one at the Centre National d’Etudes des Télécommunications.

1953 – He lectured in India, Japan, Italy and the Netherlands.

1964 – Died on March 18th in Stockholm, Sweden.