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Whitman, Narcissa

Born: 1808 AD
Died: 1847 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Missionaries

1808 – Born in March 14th in Prattsburg, New York. Narcissa Whitman, a gentle missionary, became one of the most famous women of the West because she crossed the continent as one of the first two white women who managed almost the whole way from Independence, Missouri, to Oregon riding side-saddle.

1824 – At the early age of 16, influenced by the life of Harriet Boardman, a missionary to India whom Narcissa had read about, Narcissa decided to become a missionary herself.

1836 – She married Marcus Whitman, a physician and missionary himself.

1847 – On November 29th, the Indians struck. Dr, Whitman was first killed with a tomahawk. Narcissa was shot.

1897 – A monument to the Whitmans was erected at the mission site.