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White, John

Born: 1756 AD
Died: 1832 AD
Nationality: N/A
Categories: Surgeon

1756 – He was born this year in Colchester, England.


1778 – On the 26th day of June this year, he entered the navy.


1781 – He received his diploma of the Company of Surgeons.


1788 – He fought a duel with his third assistant, William Balmain, in which, according to one account, both were slightly wounded.


1792 – The strain on him was severe; he applied for leave in England.


1794 – He had the satisfaction of leaving the colony a far healthier place than it had been for five years.


1795 – He reached London in July of this year. He was reluctant to return to New South Wales.


1796 – He was faced with the alternative of doing so immediately or of resigning his appointment, he chose to resign. He served in various ships for three years.


1799 – He became a surgeon at Sheerness Navy Yard from December this year to 1803.


1803 – Then at Chatham Yard.


1820 – He was superannuated in January of this year at the age of 63.


1832 – He died at Worthing on the 20th of February this year at aged 75, and was buried at St Mary’s, Broadwater, where until recent years a small tablet noted this event.