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Weiss, Peter

Born: 1916 AD
Died: 1982 AD
Nationality: German
Categories: Dramatist

1916 – Born in Nowawes near Berlin on the 8th of November.

1935 – He emigrated with his family to Chislehurst, near London, England, where he studied photography.

1937 – Attended the Prague Art Academy.

1938 – After the German occupation of the Sudetenland, his family moved to Sweden, and Weiss himself removed to Switzerland.

1939 – He again emigrated to Stockholm, Sweden.

1946 – He became a Swedish citizen.

1950 – His first produced play was Der Turm.

1952 – He joined the Swedish Experimental Film Studio, where he made films for several years.

1963 – 1964 – His best-known work is the play Marat Sade, first performed in West Berlin, which brought him widespread international attention.

        – He was honored with the Charles Veillon Award.

1965 – Given The Lessing Prize.

1966 – Given The Heinrich Mann Prize.

1967 – He was politically active as a member of the Communist Party, and participated in Bertrand Russell’s tribunal against the Vietnam War in Stockholm.

        – Recieved The Carl Albert Anderson Prize.

1978 – Received The Thomas Dehler Prize.

1981 – Received The Cologne Literature Prize.

1982 – He suffered a heart attack. He wrote little after that, and died in Stockholm on the 10th of May.

       – Given the following awards; The Bremen Literature Prize, The De Nios Prize, The Swedish Theatre Critics Prize, and The Georg Büchner Prize.