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Wayne, Anthony

Born: 1745 AD
Died: 1796 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: General

1745 – He was born Anthony Wayne on the 1st day of January this year in East town Township, Pennsylvania in Chester County, near present-day Paoli, Pennsylvania. He was educated as a surveyor at his uncle’s private academy in Philadelphia.


1774 – He became a leader in Chester County and served in the Pennsylvania legislature this year until 1775.


1776 – He became colonel of the Fourth Regiment of Pennsylvania troops. He and his regiment were part of the Continental Army’s unsuccessful invasion of Canada.


1777 – On the 21st day of this year, his service resulted in the promotion to brigadier general.


1779 – His command overcame British fortifications at Stony Point, a Cliffside redoubt commanding the southern Hudson River. The success of this operation provided a boost to the morale of an army which had at that time suffered a series of military defeats. Congress awarded him a medal for the victory.


1784 – After the war, he returned to Pennsylvania and served in the state legislature for a year in this year.


1788 – He was a delegate to the state convention which ratified the Constitution in this year.


1791 – He served a year in the Second United States Congress as a U.S. Representative of Georgia but lost his seat during a debate over his residency qualifications and declined running for re-election in 1792.


1794 – He mounted an assault on Blue Jacket’s confederacy at the Battle of Fallen Timbers, just south of present-day Toledo, Ohio, which was a decisive victory for the U.S. forces, ending the war.


1796 – On the 15th day of December this year, he died at age 51.