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Waugh, Arthur Evelyn St. John

Born: 1903 AD
Died: 1966 AD
Nationality: English
Categories: Satirists, Writers

1903 – Arthur Evelyn St. John Waugh was born 28th of October in London.

1916 – Studied to Lancing College, a school of lesser social prestige with a strong High Church Anglican character.

Attended Hertford College, Oxford as a history scholar.

1924 – Waugh’s final exam results qualified him only for a third-class degree. He refused to remain in residence for the extra term that would have been required of him and he left Oxford in 1924 without taking his degree.

1925 – Studied at a private school in Wales. In his autobiography, Waugh claims that he attempted suicide at the time by swimming out to sea, only to turn back after being stung by jellyfish.

1928 – Apprenticed to a cabinet-maker and worked briefly as a journalist, before he had his first great literary success in with his first completed novel, Decline and Fall.


        – Married Hon. Evelyn Gardner. Gardner’s infidelity would provide the background for Waugh’s novel A Handful of Dust.

1930 – The marriage ended in divorce and Waugh converted to Catholicism.

1940 – Commissioned in the Royal Marines. Few can have been less suited to command troops. He lacked a common touch. Though personally brave, he did not suffer fools gladly.


        –  Promoted to captain, Waugh found life in the Marines dull. Waugh participated in the failed attempt to take Dakar from the Vichy French.

1941 – As special assistant to the famed commando leader Robert Laycock, Waugh showed conspicuous bravery during the fighting in Crete, supervising the evacuation of troops while under attack by Stuka dive bombers.

1944 – Recalled for a military/diplomatic mission to Yugoslavia at the request of his old friend Randolph Churchill.

1966 – He died 10th of April on returning home from Mass on Easter Sunday and buried at Combe Florey, Somerset.