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Watson, James Dewey

Born: 1928 AD
Currently alive, at 91 years of age.
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1928 – Born on April 6th in Chicago, Illinois. American geneticist and biophysicist who played a crucial role in the discovery of the molecular structure of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), the substance that is the basis of heredity.

1947 – Watson enrolled and graduated at the University of Chicago.

1952 – Determined the structure of the protein coat surrounding the tobacco mosaic virus but made no dramatic progress with DNA.

1953 – Watson and Crick published their epochal discovery in two papers in the British journal Nature in April–May.

1955 – Watson taught at Harvard University, where he served as professor of biology.

1962 – Awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine with Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins.

1965 – Published his book, Molecular Biology of the Gene, one of the most extensively used modern biology texts.

1968 – He wrote The Double Helix, an informal and personal account of the DNA discovery and the roles of the people involved in it, which aroused some controversy.

         – Watson assumed the leadership of the Laboratory of Quantitative Biology at Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, New York, and made it a world centre for research in molecular biology.

1981 – His The DNA Story, which was written with John Tooze, was published.

1988-1992 – Watson helped direct the Human Genome Project, a project to map and decipher all the genes in the human chromosomes, but he eventually resigned because of alleged conflicts of interests involving his investments in private biotechnology companies.

4.1 (81.29%) 31 votes