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Wallace, Mike

Born: 1918 AD
Died: 2012 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Authors, Journalist, Reporters

1918 – He was born on the 9th day of May this year in Brookline, Massachusetts.



1939 – He went on to the University of Michigan, graduating in this year with a Bachelor of Atrs Degree. His first job in radio was as newscaster and continuity writer for WOOD Radio in Grand Rapids, Michigan which lasted for 40 years.



1943 – He then went on to became a freelance radio worker in Chicago, Illinois. Wallace joined the U.S. Navy in this year, serving as a communications officer during World War II. After the war, he returned to Chicago.



1945 – After the war he returned to Chicago and worked a variety of radio jobs until 1951, when he moved to New York City. By the late 1950s he was on TV and nationally known for his adversarial style of interviews, thanks to programs like Night Beat (1956) and Mike Wallace Interviews (1957-58).



          -He has been married four times and has two sons and a daughter. His oldest son, Peter, died in a mountain climbing accident in 1962. His other son, Chris Wallace, works as a moderator of Fox News Sunday, a syndicated television show which runs throughout Fox’s network of affiliates. He has four grandchildren and recently became a great-grandfather.



1962-63 – Wallace’s primary income stream came from commercials for Parliament cigarettes. After his elder son’s death, however, Wallace decided to get back into news.


1963-1966 – he was offered the opportunity to host an early version of The CBS Morning News, which he did in the mid 60’s. 


1968 – His debut as a correspondent for CBS’s 60 minute.


          -Some critics derided Wallace’s aggressive reporting techniques — which included hidden cameras and "ambush" interviews — but the dramatic stories he told brought big audiences to CBS and international celebrity to Mike Wallace. Over the years he has interviewed dozens of newsmakers, such as Malcolm X, Jeffrey Wigand, Yasser Arafat, Menachem Begin, Anwar Sadat, Manuel Noriega, Vladimir Putin and 

Ronald Reagan. He’s also been in the news himself a few times, including when U.S. General William Westmoreland sued him for libel in 1984 (the case was settled in 1985).      



2003 – He received a Lifetime Achievement in the Emmy Awards.



        -Wallace suffered from major clinical depression triggered by accusations of libel and a related lawsuit. He has been treated by a psychiatrist and has taken different medications to treat this condition.



2004 – Wallace, then 86, made headlines following a dispute with New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission inspectors.



2006 – At age 88, Wallace announced his retirement from 60 Minutes after 37 years with the program.

He will continue working for CBS News as a "Correspondent Emeritus".



2006 – He revealed on a May 21, episode of 60 Minutes that he once attempted suicide with an overdose of pills. In recent years, Wallace has gone public with his long-standing fight against depression, testifying for Senate hearings on the topic. He has also been interviewed on the illness, for various documentaries. Speaking on the issue, he has urged those who suffer depression to seek treatment.