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Walker, John Ernest

Born: 1941 AD
Currently alive, at 80 years of age.
Nationality: British
Categories: Biochemist

1941 – Born on January 7th in Halifax, Yorkshire, England. British biochemist.

1969 – After receiving his doctorate from the University of Oxford, Walker undertook research projects at universities in the United States and Paris.

1974-1982 – His award-winning work was conducted at the University of Cambridge in the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology, which he joined, becoming senior scientist.

         – Walker began studying ATP synthase—the central energy-producing molecule in most life-forms—which aides in the synthesis of ATP, the carrier of chemical energy. Focusing on the chemical and structural composition of the enzyme, he determined the sequence of amino acids that make up the synthase’s protein units.

1990 – Working with X-ray crystallographers, Walker clarified the three-dimensional structure of the enzyme. His work supported Boyer’s “binding change mechanism,” which explained the unusual way in which the enzyme functions. Walker’s findings offer insight into the way life-forms produce energy.

1997 – Was co-recipient, with Paul D. Boyer, of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for their explanation of the enzymatic process that creates adenosine triphosphate (ATP).