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Wachuku, Ugonna

Born: 1971 AD
Currently alive, at 50 years of age.

1971 – Born on Wednesday 10 March in Nbawsi, Abia State, Nigeria to Sylvia Ada and Madu Kennedy Wachuku – both historians, teachers and education administrators.


1975 – Began primary school at an early age of four.


1982 – Entered Ngwa High School Aba, Abia State, Nigeria where he founded a press club and was its first president. He was also library prefect. He was awarded Best Behaved Student and Best Igbo Language Student. During his stay at high school, he played football and table tennis.


1983 – Started creative writing at the age of 12, his second year in high school. He first began with prose fiction, writing such novels as The Combatants, Devil’s Blood, Never to Die, Wrath of Demeter and Mission to Mars, before going into poetry and drama.


1987 – Graduated from high school with Alpha grades. 


1988-1990 – Traveled to know more about his country, Nigeria and other countries. He had interviews and talks concerning his creative works. He also shared his knowledge through advocative, creative writing – on television programs such as: New Age, Young Generation.


1990 – Entered Abia State University, Nigeria to study Literature-in-English, Communication, Information and Media Trends in Discourse Analysis, etc. in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. He began writing American Galaxy: Celebrating the People and the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave this year.


1991 – Wrote The Dream: Another Reality – Global Message for Peace, presently held by the UNESCO Culture of Peace Program in Paris, France. He was a Senator, Student Representative Council of Abia State University. He was also the Editor of the English and Literature Students Association’s Igba Magazine; as well as being a member of the Editorial Board: Student Union Government.


1991-1993 – He received tutorials on international relations, United Nations affairs and Nigerian foreign policy from his uncle Jaja Wachuku who was Nigeria’s first Speaker of the House of Representatives, first Nigerian Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations and first Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth Relations Minister of Nigeria. 


1992-1993 – President of English and Literature Students Association [ELSA]. With Canada and Bank of the North’s support, he launched a $5.045 million U.S. Dollars – 50 million Naira Students Welfare Fund in Abuja, Nigeria. The project was boycotted by state government and university administration because he refused their total control of the fund without abiding transparency. He was also the Speaker: Assembly of Departmental Presidents [ADEP]. 


1993-1994 – Chairman and President of the Government of the Student Union. He created external relations, educational advancement, public relations, community development, students’ welfare and social responsibility partnerships with multi-national corporations such as, Unilever, A. J. Seward, Coca-Cola, Smithkline Beecham now GlaxoSmithkline, 7UP and Pepsi Company, Cadbury and Guinness; including Foreign Embassies and High Commissions to Nigeria.


1994-1995 – He was the Advisory Board Chairman of the United Nations Youth and Students Organization [UNYSO] in alliance with United Nations Information Centre [UNIC] Lagos, Nigeria – when Mrs. Janet Badjan-Young of the Gambia was Director; and Femi Ajayi, National Information Officer. 


1995 – Graduated from Abia State University. His degree thesis was titled From Canadian Winter to Poetic Aesthetics.


1996 – Left Nigeria for Geneva, Switzerland. He won the Le Lagnon Table Tennis Championship Cup. He started a football team and played friendly matches with the team. He won a third place table tennis medal in Bernex, Geneva. He served to promote the welfare of foreigners, refugees and assylum seekers in Geneva. He wrote poetry collections such as Tears of Yesterday, The Road to Essertines, Homage to Geneva, Flanders Fields and Hope for Dunblane.


1997 – Became Associate Member of the Royal British Legion. His maternal grandfather Amos Odu [1910 – 2010] was a soldier and military officer in the Burma front of the Second World War under the British Army and the West African Frontier Force. 


1997-1998 – Communications and Human Rights Consultant to Mr. Jacob Sello Selebi the South African Ambassador to the United Nations Geneva, Switzerland as well as Chairman of the 1998 United Nations Human Rights Commission 54th Session.


1998-2003 – Researcher on curriculum development, peace, human rights, democracy, education, culture, humanitarianism, tolerance, communications, public information trends, development, the environment, health and HIV/AIDS issues, and education for conflict prevention and social responsibility at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization International Bureau of Education.


1997-2007 – Personal, professional research and updates on information and communications technology, nature, health and the environment, public information, technology transfer and media trends at the Library of CERN – the European Organization or Centre for Nuclear Research into the Laws of Nature, Particle Physics, Outer Space and the Universe, etc.


1999 – Was a signatory to the UNESCO Manifesto 2000 for a Culture of Peace and Non- Violence.


2001 – Commendation from the United Nations Secretary-General, Kofi Atta Annan. He was on radio programs in Archamps, France and Geneva, Switzerland. He started communications, public affairs, culture, environmental conservation, healthcare advocacy, public information and creative writing web sites.


   His environmental protection and conservation advocacy work titled Nature’s Cry was published in the book: In Our Own words: A Generation Defining itself released in North Carolina, United States of America. 


2003-2010 – Served as Communications and Global Strategies Adviser plus world wide web, new media, partnerships, policy, research and public relations consultant to the 32nd President of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization General Conference; plus the Ambassador and Permanent Delegate of Nigeria to UNESCO and the Nigerian Permanent Delegation to UNESCO.


2004 – Wrote The Great Place: A Soulful Celebration of the Beautiful South African People published this year in the United States of America.


2006 – Married to Alejandra Hernandez Gudino, a Mexican biologist, communication and science divulgation professional. His poetic tribute to Alejandra is titled Morning Dews.


   Became Associate at Orah Group: Orah Investments and Swiss Venture Capital company that creates enterprises plus value added jobs through partnerships in the development of IT business incubators and fostering knowledge and talent based companies to achieve excellence and success. 


   Appreciation letter from Ban Ki-moon, Republic of South Korea’s Foreign Affairs plus Trade Minister; and United Nations Secretary-General designate.


2007 – On the 19th of April in District Federal Mexico City, Alejandra, his wife gives birth to a girl: Ezichi whose name means "Good God Almighty." 


   Nelson Mandela personally writes and signs From Freedom to the Future commendation and dedication to him for his book: The Great Place: A Soulful Celebration of the Beautiful South African People – with Ambassador Moosa Moolla as Special Envoy. 


2009 –  In September, his blog titled: Wonderful Winds was awarded Best "Post of the Week" by the prestigious and distinguished San Francisco, CA: USA  based the Red Room – redroom.com – Where the Writers Are! 


2010 –  Working on the publication of his book American Galaxy – Celebrating the People and the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave plus A Loving Higher Purpose for the People


– In July, he became Advisor at Guidepoint Global – a New York based primary research company that provides investors and business decision-makers with on-demand access to its worldwide network of industry experts.  



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