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von Mises, Richard

Born: 1883 AD
Died: 1953 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Mathematicians, Philosopher, Physicists

1883 – Born in Lemberg on the 19th of April.

1905 – He published an article on "Zur konstruktiven Infinitesimalgeometrie der ebenen Kurven," in the prestigious Zeitschrift für Mathematik und Physik.

1908 – Mises was awarded a doctorate from Vienna and he received his habilitation from Brünn, to lecture on engineering.

1909 – He was appointed professor of applied mathematics in Straßburg, then part of the German Empire and received Prussian citizenship.

1915 – He supervised the construction of a 600-horsepower aircraft — the "Mises-Flugzeug" for the Austrian army.

1933 – With the rise of the National Socialist  party to power, von Mises, who was a Roman Catholic but had Jewish ancestry, felt his position threatened despite his World War I military service.

1939 – Amid political uncertainty following the death of Turkish President Kemal Atatürk, he went to the United States.

1943 – He married Hilda Geiringer.

1944 – He was appointed Gordon-McKay Professor of Aerodynamics and Applied Mathematics at Harvard University.

1950 – Mises declined an offer of honorary membership from the Communist-dominated East German Academy of Science.

1953 – Died on the 14th of July in Boston.