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Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin

Born: 1952 AD
Currently alive, at 68 years of age.

Vladimir Putin may be the president of Russia, but there are many things that people—even his own citizens—do not know about him. Putin, who has been the acting President of Russia since the year 2000, is well known for some rather strange personal hobbies and characteristics; but there is still much about Putin’s personal life that is shrouded in mystery. For the most part, this mystery is self-made—Putin is one of the most private presidents in the world, and keeps most of his personal life under wraps. The following are 3 surprising things that we do know about the personal life of this secretive Russian president.

He met his (now ex) wife while she worked for an airline

Putin met his ex-wife in the 1980s in a somewhat unusual way. At the time, Lyudmila was working as a flight attendant; she had a several day break in Leningrad, and was introduced to Putin through a mutual friend. According to Putin, he was “used to life as a bachelor” before meeting Lyudmila, who changed his outlook on romance. They were married in 1983.

He has two daughters

Most people don’t know that Putin is actually a father. He has two daughters: Maria, born in 1985, and Katerina, born in 1986. The girls were named after their maternal and paternal grandmothers. However, not much is known about them, and they are very rarely ever seen in public with their father. Most people–even Russian citizens–would not even be able to recognize them. This is because Putin keeps them, like many aspects of his private life, under wraps. The girls even went to school under false names, so that no one would know who they really were.

He and his wife are divorced

Putin and his former wife Lyudmila announced they were divorced in 2013–or at least, that is what Putin was meant to announce during a publicly broadcasted television interview between the pair. However, Putin did not actually announce the divorce in the broadcast, and merely implied that his wife wasn’t “into” the public lifestyle required of Putin. Putin then said “it was a joint decision,” without actually announcing what that decision was. It was up to Lyudmila to be more clear about what had really happened between them: “Our marriage is over, because we practically never see each other.”

Russian politician and spy


1974 – Leningrad judo champion 1974


1975-1980 – Foreign intelligence agent with KGB, stationed primarily in Dresden, East Germany


1998-1999 – Director of Federal Security Service  (FSB)


1999-2000 – Prime minister of Russia


1999-2000 – Acting president of Russia


2000 – President of Russia