Born: 2XX0 AD
Died: 3030 AD
Nationality: Roman
Categories: Martyr, Religious Icon, Religious Leaders, Saint

Vitus was a Christian saint from Sicily, Italy, Roman Empire. He is considered the patron saint of actors, comedians, dancers, and finally epileptics. He also protects against lightnings, animal attacks and oversleeping, and is the patron saint of Bohemia. Vitus is the patron saint of the towns of Forio in Campania, Italy and the town of Winschoten in the Netherlands. Various places in Austria and Bavaria are named Sankt Veit in his honor. The feast of St. Vitus is also important to the Serb Orthodox Church.


303 AD – He died as a martyr during the persecution of Christians by co-ruling Roman Emperors Diocletian and Maximian.He is counted as one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers of the Roman Catholic Church.


           – Saint Vitus’ Day is celebrated on the 28th of June according to the Gregorian calendar, and on the 15th of June according to the Julian calendar.