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Victor IIGebhard, Count of Calw, Tollenst

Born: 1018 AD
Died: 1057 AD
Nationality: German
Categories: Popes

1018 – born Gebhard, Count of Calw, Tollenstein, and Hirschberg.

1054 – In September, at the instance of a Roman delegation headed by Hildebrand, later Pope Gregory VII, who likely intended to deprive the empire of one of its most capable advocates.

1055 – He was consecrated in St. Peter’s in Rome on the 13th of April.

1056 – He was summoned to the Emperor’s side, and was with Henry III when he died at Botfeld in the Harz on the 5th of October.

1057 – He died shortly after his return to Italy, at Arezzo, on the 28th of July.