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Vancouver, George

Born: 1757 AD
Died: 1798 AD
Nationality: English
Categories: Explorer

1757 – He was born on the 22nd day of June this year in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, UK.


1772 – At the age of fifteen, he traveled to the Pacific aboard HMS Resolution, on Captain James Cook’s second voyage.


1779 – Upon his return to Britain in this year, he was commissioned as a lieutenant. He was then posted aboard the sloop HMS Martin, on patrol in the English Channel.


1782 – He next served on the 74-gun ship of the line, HMS Fame. The Fame was involved in the British victory in the Battle of the Saintes this year.


1789 – The Royal Navy was planning another voyage to the Pacific, to further survey the valuable South Pacific whaling ground. it was to be commanded by Henry Roberts with Vancouver as his second in command.


1792 – He followed the coasts of what is now Washington and Oregon northward. In April this year, he encountered American Captain Robert Gray off the coast of modern Oregon just prior to Gray’s sailing up the Columbia River.


1794 – He first went to Cook Inlet, the northernmost point of his exploration, and from there followed the coast south to Baranoy Island, which he had visited the year before. He then set sail for Britain by way of Cape Horn.


1798 – He died this year.