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Valiente, Doreen

Born: 1922 AD
Died: 1999 AD
Nationality: English
Categories: Pagans

1922 – Doreen was born Doreen Edith Dominy the daughter of Harry and Edith in Mitcham, South London, on the 4th January.

1929 – When she was just seven years old, she became fascinated with the motion of the moon as she studied and gazed at it from the garden, and while doing so experienced her first spiritual contact.

1935 – At the age of thirteen, Doreen begun to experiment with simple magic.

1941 – Doreen was working as a secretary in Barry, South Wales. There she met and married her first husband ‘Joanis Vlachopoulos’.

1944 – Doreen married her second husband Casimiro Valiente.

1953 – Doreen received her first degree initiation into the Craft. English witch and pagan liturgist.

1957 – A rift was starting to form between Gardner, Doreen and the rest of his coven.

1973-1978 – Her first book was ‘An ABC of Witchcraft’, which soon became a sought after book.  It was followed by ‘Natural Magic’ and ‘Witchcraft for Tomorrow’. These three books did much to established Doreen as an authority on Witchcraft and magic.

1980 – Doreen began her quest and search for ‘Old Dorothy Clutterbuck’, the High Priestess who had allegedly initiated Gardner into Witchcraft.

1989 – She also wrote and had published her own autobiography, ‘The Rebirth of Witchcraft’.

1995 – Agreed to become ‘Patron’ of the ‘Center for Pagan Studies’. It was founded by John Belham-Payne, her last High Priest and working partner, and it was to the ‘Center for Pagan Studies’ that Doreen made her last public speech.

1999 – Through-out her final mortal hours, John Belham-Payne and his wife Julie were at her bedside, and at 6.55 a.m. on the 1st September, she cross the threshold into the Otherworld.