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Valeria Messalina

Born: 1700 AD
Died: 4800 AD
Nationality: Roman
Categories: Empress

22 AD – Born into a patrician family. The third wife of the Roman emperor Claudius, notorious for licentious behaviour and instigating murderous court intrigues.


38 AD – She was married to her second cousin, Claudius before he became emperor. They had two children, Octavia (later Nero’s wife) and Britannicus.


41 AD – Claudius was proclaimed Emperor by the Praetorian Guard and thus as Claudius’ wife, Messalina became Empress.


47 AD – She unilaterally declared herself divorced from Claudius and married Gaius Silius, the consul-elect, in a private but proper ceremony.


48 AD – Messalina conspired with Gaius Silius to kill Claudius while her husband was in Ostia.


         – She was put to death by Claudius.