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Valdes, Juan de

Born: 1509 AD
Died: 1541 AD
Nationality: Spanish
Categories: Mystics, Social Reformer

1509 – Juan de Valdes was born.

1528 – Juan, who probably studied at the university of Alcala, first appears as the anonymous author of a politico-religious Diálogo de Mercurio y Caron, written and published.

1531 – He removed to Rome, where his criticisms of papal policy were condoned.

1533 – On the 12th of the January, he writes from Bologna, in attendance upon Pope Clement VII From the autumn, he made Naples his permanent residence, his name being Italianized as Valdésso and Val d’Esso.

         – His first production at Naples was a philological treatise, Diálogo de la Lengua.

1541 – To him Carnesecchi ascribes his own adoption of the Evangelical doctrine of justification by faith, and at the same time his rejection of the policy of the Lutheran schism. Valdés died at Naples in May.