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Utrillo, Maurice

Born: 1883 AD
Died: 1955 AD
Nationality: French
Categories: Painters

1883 –  Maurice Utrillo was born in Paris, the illegitimate son of the artist Suzanne Valadon, on December 25th. Utrillo became the best-known portrayer of Paris, especially Montmartre, painting both from nature and from postcards.

1902 – Under his mother’s tutelage he began to paint, at first in the streets of Montmartre.

1909 – Known as his ‘White Period’ (période blanche), represent the acme of Utrillo’s creativity.

1910 – The artist was discovered by the art critics F. Jourdan and E. Faure.

1912 – Their appreciation of his talent enabled Utrillo to take part for the first time in the Salon d’Automne.

1914 – Utrillo traveled in Brittany and Corsica; his works assumed an increasingly luminous quality which greatly enriched his earlier ascetic conception of reality.

1924 – He exhibited together with his mother Suzanne Valadon at the Galerie Bernheim-Jeune in Paris and was offered a contract for a year.

         – He attempted to commit suicide, which was probably the result of years of alcohol abuse.

1926 – He did stage scenery and designed costumes for Djaghilev’s ‘Ballets Russes’.

1928 – He received public recognition, when he was made a member of the Legion of Honour.

1943 – A first comprehensive retrospective of Utrillo’s work was held at the Salon d’Automne.

1955 – Died on November 5th.