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Tzara, Tristan

Born: 1896 AD
Died: 1963 AD
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1896 – Born on April 16th in Moinesti, Bacau, Romania. Romanian-born French poet and essayist known mainly as a founder of Dada, a nihilistic revolutionary movement in the arts.

1916-1924 – He wrote: La Premiére Aventure cèleste de Monsieur Antipyrine ("The First Heavenly Adventure of Mr. Antipyrine") and Vingt-cinq poémes ("Twenty-Five Poems") – and the movement’s manifestos, Sept manifestes Dada ("Seven Dada Manifestos").

1930 – He joined his friends in the more constructive activities of Surrealism.

1936 – He devoted much of his time to the reconciliation of Surrealism and Marxism and joined the Communist Party and the French Resistance movement during World War II.

1953 – His mature works started with L’Homme approximatif ("The Approximate Man") and continued with Parler seul ("Speaking Alone") and La Face intèrieure ("The Inner Face").

1963 – Died on December 25th.

2.7 (54.17%) 24 votes