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Tyson, James

Born: 1819 AD
Died: 1898 AD
Nationality: Australian
Categories: Patriot

1819 – James Tyson, born on the 8th of April in Australia. He was an Australian pastoralist. He is regarded as Australia’s first self-made millionaire. His name became a byword for reticence, wealth and astute dealing.

1845 – First squatting venture with a brother, William.

1846 – Ran out of money and started again

1852 – Started butchering business at Bendigo goldfields

1855 – Sold butchering business for eighty thousand pounds which was split four ways with his other three brothers.

1892 – He offered the Queensland government a loan of £500,000 towards the cost of constructing a proposed transcontinental railway, and at a time of economic depression he took up £250,000 in treasury bills to assist the government.

1893 – He became a member of the Queensland Legislative Council but did not take a prominent part in its proceedings.

1898 – Died on the 4th of December.