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Turner, Nat

Born: 1800 AD
Died: 1831 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Commoner, Slave

1800 – Nat Turner born on the 2nd of October in Southampton County, Virginia. He was an American slave whose failed slave rebellion in Southampton County, Virginia, was the most remarkable instance of black resistance to enslavement in the antebellum southern United States.
1820 – Married Cherry, also a slave and had three children.

1822 – He was separated from his family. He was sold to a farmer named Thomas Moore. His wife and his children were sold to a separate plantation. I

1825 – 1830 – He was a preacher. He disguised his ideas regarding freedom with religious talk about judgment day and promised lands. Many whites thought that he was up to no good, and trying to cause a slave rebellion, but the Moores did not think so.

1831 – In February, an eclipse of the sun took place. He and his most trusted followers began to recruit more slaves and make lists of others who could be trusted. 

       – On Saturday 20th of August, a new black spot passed over the sun. He decided that this was a sign from God that the rebellion should start. 

       –  He was caught, and was hanged in Jerusalem, Virginia on the 11th of November.