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Tull, Jethro

Born: 1674 AD
Died: 1741 AD
Nationality: English
Categories: Botanist

1674 – Born in Basildon, Berkshire, England. An English agronomist, agriculturist, writer, and inventor whose ideas helped form the basis of modern British agriculture.

1691 – He entered St. John’s College, Oxford.

1699 – Tull was called to the bar at Gray’s Inn but never practiced.

         – He married and began farming on his father’s land at Howberry, near Wallingford.

1701 – He chose to operate his father’s farm in Oxfordshire, he perfected a horse-drawn seed drill that economically sowed the seeds in neat rows.

1709 – Tull bought a farm of his own in Berkshire.

1711-1714 – He traveled in France and Italy, making careful observations of the methods of agriculture in those countries which aided and confirmed his theories as to the true use of manure and the importance of "pulverizing" the soil.

1731 – His success led to the publication of his "The New Horse Houghing Husbandry: Or an Essay on the Principles of Tillage and Vegetation".

1741 – He died on February 21st in Prosperous Farm, near Hungerford, Berkshire.