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Tuan, Pham

Born: 1947 AD
Currently alive, at 75 years of age.
Nationality: Vietnamese
Categories: Cosmonaut

1947 – Born on the 14th of February in Quoc Tuan, Thai Binh, Vietnam.

1965 – He joined the VPAF, or Vietnam People’s Air Force.

1972 – He is claimed to have shot down a United States B-52 bomber over Hanoi while flying a MiG-21 (the USAF does not acknowledge the claim), becoming the first and only pilot ever to do so.

1975 – Commissioned as a combat officer, fighting in the Vietnam War against US fighter jets from then onwards.

1979 – He was selected as part of the sixth international crew for the Intercosmos programme on April.

1980 – Along with Soviet cosmonaut Viktor Gorbatko, was launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome on the 23rd of July, on board Soyuz 37.

       – He was in space for 7 days, 20 hours and 42 minutes. He completed 142 orbits, and was recovered on July.

2007 – He is now a Lieutenant General, Head of the General Department of Defence Industry of the Ministry of Defence, and a member of the National Assembly.