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Trimble, Robert

Born: 1777 AD
Died: 1828 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Lawyers

1776 – Robert Trimble, born on the 17th of November in Berkeley County, Virginia. He was an attorney and a justice of the United States Supreme Court. The first district judge ever promoted to the Supreme Court, he was the only Supreme Court appointment of President John Quincy Adams.

1803 – He was licensed to practice law.

1810 – He resigned from the State Appellate Court because of his financial obligations to his growing family, and declined an appointment to become the Chief Justice of Kentucky.

1817 – 1826 – The second United States District Judge for the District of Kentucky.

1826 – Was appointed to the Supreme Court to succeed his fellow Kentuckian, Thomas Todd.

1828 – His tenure on the Court was terminated by his death on the 25th of August, of a "malignant bilious fever".