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Tone, Theobald Wolfe

Born: 1763 AD
Died: 1798 AD
Nationality: Irish
Categories: Activists

1763 – Born in Dublin on the 20th of June.

1791 – He cofounded the Society of United Irishmen to work for parliamentary reform.

1793 – He organized a Catholic convention of elected delegates that forced Parliament to pass the Catholic Relief Act.

1796 – Seeking to overthrow English rule in Ireland, he convinced France to send an invasion force of 43 ships and 14,000 men, but the ships were dispersed by a storm.

1797 – Tone again brought an Irish invasion plan to Paris in October, but the principal French military leader, Napoleon Bonaparte, took little interest.

1798 – With only 3,000 men, he again attempted an invasion; captured and sentenced to hang, he committed suicide.

         – Died on the 19th of November.