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Born: 1518 AD
Died: 1594 AD
Nationality: Italian
Categories: Painters

1518 – He was born on the 29th day of September this year in Venice. His family originated from Brescia, a city-state about 170 km from Venice. Older studies gave the Tuscan town of Lucca as the origin of the family.


1546 – He painted for the church of the Madonna dell Orto three of his leading works – the Worship of the Golden Calf, the Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple, and the Last Judgment now shamefully repainted; and he settled down in a house hard by the church.


1548 – He was commissioned for four pictures in the Scuola di S. Marco, the Finding of the body of St Mark in Alexandria, the Saint’s Body brought to Venice, a Votary of the Saint delivered by invoking him from an Unclean Spirit and the highly and justly celebrated Miracle of the Slave.


1550 – He married Faustina de Vescovi (or Episcopi), daughter of a Venetian nobleman and a prominent member of the Scuola de San Marcos.


1525 – The next conspicuous event in the professional life of Tintoretto is his enormous labor and the Lombardi had begun profuse self-development on the walls and ceilings of the Scuola di S. Rocco, a building in this year.


1560 – The building was very deficient in light, to be particularly ill suited for any great scheme of pictorial adornment. The painting of its interior was commenced in this year.


1565 – He resumed work at the scuola, painting the magnificent Crucifixion, for which a sum of 250 ducats was paid.


1576 – He presented gratis another centrepiece that for the ceiling of the great hall, representing the Plague of Serpents; and in the following year, he completed this ceiling with pictures of the Paschal Feast and Moses striking the Rock accepting whatever pittance the confraternity chose to pay.


1577 – He next launched out into the painting of the entire scuola and of the adjacent church of S. Rocco. He offered in November of this year to execute the works at the rate of 100 ducats per annum, three pictures being due in each year.


1592 – He became a member of the Scuola di Mercanti.


1594 – He was seized with an attack in the stomach, complicated with fever. He died on the 31st of May this year in Venice. He was buried in the church of the Madonna dell Orto.