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Timofeev-Ressovskii, Nikolai Vladimirovich

Born: 1900 AD
Died: 1981 AD
Nationality: Russian
Categories: Biologists

1900 – Born on September 7th.


1911 – Organized a Laboratory and Department of Experimental Biology at Shanyavsky University.

1917 – He got to the Southwestern front in a Cossak unit, fought against the Germans as an infantryman, and became a sergeant major in the cavalry.

1922 – Finished his studies in biology at Moscow University, participated in various intellectual circles, sang as a first bass in the Moscow military chorus and was a load-carrying worker.

         – Began his work as a scientist at the Institute of Experimental Biology with Professor N. K. Koltsov. Nikolay Konstantinovich Koltsov was an outstanding figure in Russian biological science.

1927 – Started his long-term investigations of radiation genetics and radio biology.

1929 – Moved at the Institute of Brain Research at Berlin-Buch and became the head of the Department of Genetics.

1937 – Department of Genetics was reorganized as the Institute of Genetics and Biophysics of the Kaiser Wilhelm Society and became its director.

         – Received an order to return to the USSR but N. K. Koltsov sent the warning that his return could end in his arrest.

         – He refused the invitation of the Rockefeller Foundation to become the Head of the Laboratory of the Carnegie Institute at Cold Spring Harbor.

1945 – Arrested by a different division of the NKVD, deported to Moscow, and sentenced to 10 years for failing to return to his homeland.

1946 – He was transferred to Karaganda (Kazakhstan), to one of the most terrible camps of the GULAG.

1955 – Visited the capitals—Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev after his discharge.

1964 – Became head of the Department of Radiation Biology and Genetics of the Institute of Medical Radiology of the USSR AMS (Academy of Medical Sciences).

1981 – Died on the 28th of March.