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Tieri, Frank

Born: 1904 AD
Died: 1981 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Felon

1904 – Born on the 22nd of February.

1911 – Tieri was denied US citizenship twice living as a resident alien in Brooklyn.

1972 – At aged sixty-seven, Tieri became head of the Genovese Family after his predecessor Thomas Eboli was murdered.

         – Tieri is suspected of ordering the murder of Angelo Bruno, the head of the Philly mob, so that the Genovese Family and their Gambino allies could get their hands on Atlantic City, where Bruno had previously had jurisdiction.

1980 – Bruno was blasted to death at point-blank range by a shotgun.

         – On the 21st of November, Tieri was the first Mafia boss convicted under the RICO Act.

         – He was sentenced to ten years imprisonment on the 23rd January.

         – The now 76 year old mobster was in ill-health and died of natural causes at Mount Sinai Hospital on the 31st of March, only two months after his conviction.