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Thompson, Benjamin

Born: 1753 AD
Died: 1814 AD
Nationality: British
Categories: Physicists

1753 – Born in rural Woburn, Massachusetts on the 26th of March.

1769 – While recuperating in Woburn from an injury, Thompson conducted experiments concerning the nature of heat and began to correspond with Loammi Baldwin and others about them.

1772 – Thompson’s prospects were dim but in that year they changed abruptly.

1781 – He conducted experiments concerning the force of gunpowder, the results of which were widely acclaimed when eventually published, in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society.

1785 – He moved to Bavaria where he became an aide-de-camp to the Prince-elector Karl Theodor.

1789 – He was socially active as founder of Munich’s Englischer Garten.

1797 – He extended his claim about non-conductivity to liquids.

1799 – He divided his time between France and England.

1799 – He established the Royal Institution of Great Britain.

1804 – He married Marie-Anne Lavoisier, the widow of the great French chemist Antoine Lavoisier, his American wife having died since his emigration.

1814 – Died on the 21st of August.