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Thomas Aquinas

Born: 1225 AD
Died: 1274 AD
Nationality: Italian
Categories: Martyr, Religious Leaders, Saint, Theologian

1225 – Saint Thomas Aquinas, a Dominican theologian, met the challenge posed to Christian faith by the philosophical achievements of the Greeks and Arabs. Thomas d’Aquino, the son of a count, was born in his family’s castle at Roccasecca, central Italy. He effected a philosophical synthesis of faith and reason that is one of the greatest achievements of medieval times.

1244 – He came into contact with members of the Dominican order and, against the violent opposition of his family, became a Dominican friar.

1245 – He then went north to study at Paris and Cologne under Albertus Magnus.

1252 – He taught at the Dominican studium generale (house of studies) in Paris.

1256 – He was named a master of theology.

1259 – He was in Italy, attached to the papal court.

1269 – 1272 – A second Parisian period, was followed by his assignment to Naples to head the Dominican studium generale.

1274 – Gone north to attend the Council of Lyon, Thomas fell ill and died in the Cistercian abbey of Fossanova on the 7th of March.

1277 – A number of Thomistic tenets were condemned by the bishop of Paris. Thomas met with a warmer reception in his own order.

1309 – His doctrine was prescribed for the Dominicans.
1323 – Thomas was canonized, and since that time his thought has become more or less the official doctrine of the Roman Catholic church.