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Tesh, John

Born: 1952 AD
Currently alive, at 70 years of age.
Nationality: American
Categories: Composers, Musicians, Pianists, Reporters

1952 – John Tesh, born on the 9th of July in Long Island, New York. He went virtually unrecognized as a musician and composer, instead enjoying television success as the co-host of the nightly showbiz news magazine Entertainment Tonight.

1958 – Began playing piano at the age of six; as a teen, he also played organ and trombone with local rock bands.

1981 – He joined CBS Sports as a commentator, where he later won Emmy Awards for his Pan American Games theme and the theme to the Tour de France.

1986 – He left CBS to host the syndicated Entertainment Tonight with co-anchor Mary Hart; while television remained his primary focus, he continued writing and performing music.

1988 – Issued his first album, Tour de France. Critics panned his brand of melodramatic, orchestral new age music, but the success of further efforts including Garden City proved a growing audience existed for his work.

1991 – He won another pair of Emmys for his music for NBC Sports’ coverage of the World Track and Field Championships; a year later, he formed his own label, GTS, and issued Romantic Christmas, his biggest hit to date.

1993 – 1994 – Smashes including Monterey Nights and Sax by the Fire followed.

1995 – His PBS special and album Live at Red Rocks emerged as something of a phenomenon.

1996 – He soon left Entertainment Tonight to focus all of his energies on music, scoring successive hits with the likes of Sax on the Beach and its follow-up, Sax All Night.

1998 – Grand Passion followed, trailed a year later by One World and John Tesh & Friends.

2000 – Pure Hymns was issued in fall.

2001 – Pure Orchestra and Pure Gospel followed next.