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Taylor Swift

Born: 1989 AD
Currently alive, at 32 years of age.
Nationality: N/A
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December 1989:Born Pennsylvania, USA. Mother was a homemaker and father a stockbroker. Her grandmother, Marjorie Finlay was an opera singer. She has a younger brother, Austin.

1999: Her interest in learning to play the guitar was sparked by a computer repairman who showed her how to play 3 chords.

2000: Swift was subjected to bullying at school 

2001 :Swift dedicated an entire summer into writing a 350 page novel which hasn’t been published.She then began writing songs regularly.

2003: Swift’s family moved to Nashville.

2003: Swift was well received in her first major performance at ‘Bloomsburg fair’ at tennessee 

 2003-2008: She was ‘home schooled’

Swift’s greatest musical influences were Shania Twain, Leanne Rimes, Dolly Parton, Tina Turner and Patsy Cline.

 The Dixie Chicks demonstrated to Swift the impact of ‘stretching boundaries’