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Taylor, Moses

Born: 1806 AD
Died: 1882 AD
Nationality: American
Categories: Bankers, Businessmen, Entrepreneurs

1806 – Moses Taylor, born on the 11th of January in  New York. He was a 19th century New York merchant and banker and one of the wealthiest men of that century.

1821 – Began his career at age 15 at J. D. Brown shippers, but soon moved to a clerk’s position in the firm of G. G. & S. Howland Company of New York, a shipping and import firm that traded with South America.

1832 – At age 26, he had sufficient wealth to marry, leave the Howland company, and start his own business as a sugar broker.

1847 – He was listed as one of New York City’s 25 millionaries.

1865 – He held 20,000 shares worth almost $50 million.

1871 – His real estate holdings in New York brought him into close association with Boss Tweed of New York’s Tammany Hall.

1882 – Donated $250,000 to build a hospital in Scranton, Pennsylvania to benefit his iron and coal workers, and workers of the D. L. & W railroad.

       – Died on the 23rd of May in New York City.