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Born: 1851 AD
Died: 1918 AD
Nationality: Ethiopian
Categories: Empress, Monarch

1851 – Taytu Betul or Taitu was born in or around this year, the third of four children in an aristocratic Ethiopian family that was related to the Solomonic dynasty.

1889 – She is acknowledged to have wielded considerable political power as the wife of Menelik, both before and after they were crowned Emperor and Empress.

1894 – She marched north with the Emperor and the Imperial Army, commanding a force of cannoneers at the historic Battle of Adwa which resulted in a humiliating defeat for Italy in March.

1910 – She was forced from power, and a regency under Ras Tessema Nadew took over. Instructed to limit herself to the care of her stricken husband, she faded from the political scene.

1913 – Her husband Menelik died and was suceeded by his grandson.

1916 – She is believed to have been somewhat active in the plot that eventually removed Emperor Iyasu V from the throne, and replaced him with her step-daughter, Empress Zauditu.

1918 – Died on the 11th of February at the old palace next to the Entoto Maryam Church overlooking Addis Ababa. She is buried next to her husband at the Taeka Negest Ba’eta Le Mariam Monastery in Addis Ababa.